The Antioch Retreat

Antioch: According to the Acts of the Apostles, Antioch was the first Christian community. "It was at Antioch that believers were first called Chrisitians" - Acts 11:26. Antioch began as a small community and grew to the size of a city as big as Boston. We choose the name "Antioch" for one of our retreats because we are recreating the first Antioch - that is, we are building a city of God from small beginnings. 

Antioch Team: The Antioch Retreat is prepared and run by a team of about 18 upperclassmen and young adults. The leaders chosen for these teams are people who have expressed interest in being on team and have shown leadership potential. One must go on an Antioch Retreat before one can be asked to be on team. 

Antioch Retreat: An age appropriate parish-based retreat experience beginning on a Friday night and ending with Mass Sunday afternoon. Incorporated into the weekend experience are witness talks, small group discussions, large group discussions and activities, ice breakers, Reconciliation, Liturgy, prayer, singing and meals. The retreat serves as a catalyst for deeper and more meaningful participation in the parish.

Antioch Follow-Up Gatherings: Weekly gatherings of team leaders and candidates who have attended an Antioch Retreat in the past. The first gathering takes places on the first Sunday evening after the Retreat. They are Lectionary-based, meaning they follow the sequence of the Church calendar. Anyone who is in the 10th grade or higher is invited to any and all follow-up gatherings, regardless of whether or not they have attended an Antioch Retreat.

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